Shell LiveWIRE Awards 2015

Shell LiveWIRE Singapore

Inspirational Quote

  No job is too small or unimportant; you must be humble and grab every chance you have; every chance is a possible opportunity to something bigger.  

Mr Alex Tan, Managing Director
Perfectus AV Pte Ltd
  Neither client nor budget is too small. The way to survive is to justify the company’s value to the clients  
Ms Sandra Neo, Director
Media Associated Displays (MAD)
  No Risk No Gain.
We need to take calculated risk and be confident of ourselves.
The journey is tough but the destination is worth it.


Mr Amit Sujan, President & CEO
  Change is vital. You must constantly re-invent yourself and exceed your own expectation. You must constantly be on the look-out for better practices, better products, better know-hows and even better business partners. To me, the maxim “if it works, don’t change it” is nonsensical. You must be able to re-innovate to prosper. If you stagnate, you are out of the competition.  


Mr Jason Sim, Managing Director
Jason Parquet Specialists (S) Pte Ltd
  Believe in your innovation and its value to customers, markets and societies at large, in order to convince investors, customers and media to believe in them.  

Mr Joshua Koh, Managing Director
Transcent eBusiness Pte Ltd
  ...the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong... but time and chance happens to us all.  

Mr Timothy Yew, Creative Consultant
Element Hub Pte Ltd
  Live your passions, keep learning, and don't give up.  


Mr Chan Xian Yao Clarence, Founder
Bandwagon Pte Ltd
  ... in order to stand out in the competition, one has to anticipate your clients’ needs and deliver quality work that is above and beyond their expectations.  


Ms Kok Tien Nee, Founder
ThinkingCouch Interactive
  ... one should go for it and take the plunge if one really has the passion to be an entrepreneur. While some business planning will be useful, it is not absolutely necessary for the rudiments of business to be learnt on the job. What is needed is the potential entrepreneur’s willingness to learn from others.  


Ms Kmi Huang, Founder
WOMB Wardrobe
  If not today, then when? Tomorrow? Next year? But what if I'm dead tomorrow or next year?  


Ms Brenda Nicole Tan, Co-Founder
Gametize Pte Ltd